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Code generator voor SQL statements

Beschrijving van code templates binnen EA

Enterprise Architect as tool for a Data Platform

Many organisations are investigating the possibilities of Big Data solutions, for example the Dutch and German Electricity Transport System Operator TenneT. Introducing Big Data is new and traditional approaches are of limited use. Think about introducing data-lab functionalities, innovative and agile approaches, new technologies like NoSql or Hadoop. How are you going to support these activities in an organisation as an architect and how can Enterprise Architect support you in adding architectural value. In this session we will discuss a reference architecture for the TenneT Data Platforms, modelling techniques, architectural patterns and agile approaches all supported by the use of Enterprise Architect. You will see examples of big data patterns, solutions and templates based on ArchiMate.

Introductie databases

Beschrijving van databases zoals relationele databases en NoSQL databases. Dit inclusief een vergelijking van de kenmerken

SQL Server profiler for finding out what happens behind the scenes

Use a profiler for SQL analysis

Webvideo over SQL en het datamodel van EA

SQL queries in EA