WPP Version December 2023 extensions

There is a new version available with a number of new interesting features. In this blogpost the most important extensions



There is a breadcrumb control added to the detail screens making it easier to navigate in the content of a large repository. It is based on the packages, diagrams and elements.




Interesting new feature is that it is possible to define questionnaires in the WPP and connect them to a section or element within the concepts in a repository. Based on the filled in questions it is possible to do an analysis on the stakeholder opinions for various repository elements.


Data visualization


For the filled in questionnaires it is possible to make a data visualization of the results of the questions answered. Special interest is given to the radar plot.



WPP Demo

The downloadfile for the WPP sourcecode is updated and contains now all the new features implemented in an example repository

When you want to have more information or want to download the Open Source version of this webviewer please visit https://data-docent.nl/wppen.aspx