The philisophy of Open Source

Why is the development of Open Source so successful? Think about products like Linux, Postgres or PHP as Open Source solution. In my opinion the success lies in the direct connection between the community of users and the developers of the product. Furthermore an Open Source development is focused on developing functionality only once which is very efficient.

For closed software the risk of developing a product lies fully at the organisation who owns the software. For this risk they want a compensation. This compensation is realized by selling licences to customers.

In an Open Source community this risk is more spread out over more customers. When one customer want a certain functionality in the product they contact a developer and the functionality is developed. For this development the developer gets paid (mostly on an hourly base). After introduction the extra functioality is added to the community version of the software. Often based on this functionality other customer have new ideas about functionality and this is developed and added to the community version. The risk of the product development is spreaded over more customers and reduces the risk for each single customer.

Based on this philosophy the Web Publication Platform is introduced and published under the EUPL License. Please contact us when you have any suggestions for extra functionality.