Download WPP

This Web Publication Platform (WPP) platform gives organisations the opportunity to publish an EA repository (EAP and Relational Database) to external stakeholders. This website is implemented in the WPP and a live demo of the functionality The WPP is an Open Source solution (EUPL) developed with modern webtechnology (ASP.Net) and has numerous advantages:

  • Multiple navigations for specific users like developers or architects
  • Possibility to navigate over associations, packages and diagrams
  • Combining diagrams, text and hyperlinks to offer a modern (wiki like) navigation experience
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Discussion module for review and comments by external stakeholders
  • Explorer view comparable with the package browser in the Desktop version of EA
  • Relational database is the same as Sparx Enterprise Architect so no complex transformations before publication

Please go to the following links to get more information:

and get access to detailed information on the WPP tool

For the full sourcecode of the Web Publication Platform there is a Visual Studio Project available for download