Coaching, training and tooling for architects and data modelers

Focus on data


Data architecture

Apply data architecture for focus with patterns


Data modeling

Modeling data for knowledge on information within organisations


Sparx Enteprise Architect

Introduction of the Modeling Tool Sparx Enterprise Architect for data and architecture


Architecture repositories

Application of architecture repositories for an effective architectural function

Data service

Supporting you in optimal use of data

Data is of great importance to many organizations. Data is the basis of information and information the basis of knowledge.

However, getting a grip on data is not always easy. By using techniques, frameworks and modeling methods for data architect, data integration and data management, the use of data can be optimized.

We can help you in various ways to get this grip. Together with you, we look for the best approach for your organization and we support and coach your team members in finding the right approach.

Sparx Enterprise Architect

Architecture and Data modeling tool

Using modeling tools and architecture repositories makes developing and managing models and architectures easier.

Setup, configuration and work processes around such tools may require support. We can help you with that.

Online Training via Udemy and TutorialsPoint

In the past period I have developed a number of English-language online training courses on Udemy. These training courses consist of web videos, assignments and examples and are therefore ideal to follow at your own pace
Our services



Coaching architects, modellers and analysts in data architecture, management and modeling activities.


Developing data models, information architecture and data management using Sparx Enterprise Architect.

Architecture repositories

Setting up architecture repositories to replace architecture documents, including setting up changed architecture processes.

IDEA Addon for Enterprise Architect

Extension for Sparx Enterprise Architect for data modelers and ArchImate modelers. Including a deduplicator, a mapping form and a release manager

Web Publicatie Platform for Enterprise Architect

AddOn for Sparx Enterprise Architect for unlocking repositories with a user-friendly web-based user interface

Sparx integration

Integration of Sparx Enterprise Architect for the exchange of data to and from other information systems, such as service management tools, data management suites and MS-office files.


Open Source AddOns for Sparx Enterprise Architect

Web Publication Platform

Web Publication Platform

Web viewer for making repository content accessible to users other than modellers in an attractive layout.



AddOn for data modeling based on a three-layer model. Including all kinds of tools for the adequate preparation of an integrated model.

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